Safeguarding Australia is Australia’s premier national security conference.


8th – 9th May 2019, QT Canberra

Across 8 and 9 May, Safeguarding Australia 2019 will bring government and industry together to counter the threats facing all Australians. Safeguarding Australia summit will unite international and Australian experts to explore the issues in this space; considering the past, present and future of security response.

In light of the horror of the Christchurch terror attack, the threat of right-wing extremism has evidently never dissipated with the most notable terrorist attack back in the 1995 Oklahoma bombing.

In a recent article, Niall Ferguson of the London Times commented that the Christchurch gunman’s “crime signals the globalisation of pseudo-history”.  He traces how the selective versions of “history” by both violent Islamist and Right Wing extremists help position both radicalised lone actors and extremist organisations to justify their positions, to inspire and conduct acts of terrorism.




The Technology Surprise Forum is designed to:

a) facilitate government agencies with a national security remit to more quickly and efficiently discover emerging and disruptive scientific and technology innovations that will either accelerate or impede their program objectives while minimising strategic technology surprise, and;

b) initiate and/or enhance broad engagement between these Government sectors, Australia’s Five-eye partners and traditional and non-traditional scientific research organizations including academic and industry sectors.

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National Security Science & Technology Forum
Special Annual Forum for Practitioners & Researchers

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Call for Expression of Interest and Registration

  • Exploration of solutions (technology, processes etc) were very useful for my purposes, linking business areas of Home Affairs which is where the Tech Surprise Forum was helpful.
    — Department of Home Affairs, 2019
  • Very interesting and relevant topics. Enjoyed the diverse nature of the attendees and speakers.
    — Department of Defence, 2019
  • Thoroughly enjoyable conference, just the right length of time for speakers. Well run, disciplined and very interesting.
    — MSS Security, 2019
  • Enjoyed the conference dinner, it was a great networking opportunity.
    — ANSTO, 2019
  • An excellent conference, very worthwhile. Also a great networking opportunity, it was hard to pick the best speakers.
    — Department of Defence, 2018
  • The conference has arranged for an excellent variety of topics and industry voices, there wasn’t a single presentation I didn’t get something out of!”
    — National Security College, ANU, 2018
  • From an information viewpoint, it was extremely interesting. As a manager not involved in the public sector, defence industry or academia, the subjects covered were still vibrant and relevant. Would recommend for our security team.
    — Scentre Group, 2018
  • A very informative and useful conference. As a Defence employee, I am somewhat isolated from civilian perspectives. The conference provided an excellent opportunity to hear the issues and potential solutions being examined in the civil sector.
    — Department of Defence, 2017
  • A thoroughly enjoyable conference!
    — Crime and Corruption Commission of QLD, 2016

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