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National Security Science & Technology Forum
Special Annual Forum for Practitioners & Researchers

The program below was featured in the 2018 Summit.
The 2019 Summit program will be announced from January 2019.

Thursday, 10th May 2018 9.30am – 5pm



The pace of change and the corresponding relevance of science & technology demand that National Security agencies have access to the best science and technology for advancing Australia’s national security capabilities.

In today's world, knowledge of how science and technology can help safeguard our national security is vital. There are many synergies to be explored between researchers and practitioners.

The National Security Science and Technology Forum will provide participants with a valuable overview of state-of-the art case studies, modelling tools and research projects in areas covering cyber-security, protective structures, smart materials, UAVs and sensing technologies, and vehicle impact. Threats to national security may include terrorist attacks, malevolent and insider attacks, and military threats to personnel or infrastructureLeading practitioners, researchers, students and clients interested in the science and technology applications of our national security are invited to attend.


Fees are designed for the Forum to break even:

  • $195 (incl GST) for fill-time students

  • $295 (incl GST) for forum presenters

  • $395 (incl GST) for forum delegates

Program Chairs
Professor Mark Stewart, The University of Newcastle
Professor Chi King Lee, UNSW Canberra

Program Co-Chairs
Professor Tuan Ngo (University of Melbourne)
A/Prof Alex Remennikov (University of Wollongong)
Professor Priyan Mendis (University of Melbourne)

Registration, please visit https://www.ivvy.com.au/event/SA2018/start-registration/delegate or contact admin@safeguardingaustraliaevents.com.au