Plenary Program: Days 1 and 2

9th - 10th May 2018 ∙ The Plenary will call on the experience of government and industry leaders from domestic and international backgrounds to provide a professional perspective on contemporary operations, paving the way forward for a collective development of our the security and emergency management capabilities with their insights


plenary program, Day 1, Wednesday, May 9th 2018

Morning session: Understanding the modern security environment

 Afternoon session: Friction points to achieving national security

Evening session: Conference dinner and keynote address

  • The Home Affairs portfolio: Responding to our changing security threats (Speaker TBC)

plenary program, Day 2, thursday, May 10th 2018

Morning session: The security focus for the future

 Afternoon session: Achieving a collective approach to contemporary security

Capstone Address (Keynote, TBC)

The purpose of Safeguarding Australia is to examine a means to integrate a national focus towards security. A new addition to the 2018 Summit will be the inaugural Capstone Address. Its objective is to provide an overarching strategic intent as an intellectual and definitive closure to the summit, against the 2018 theme “Meeting the challenges of the future, a strategic insight to safeguarding Australia. The Capstone Address will be presented by a key national security figurehead (TBC) who will be able to reflect on strategy from an authoritative insight.

Please note: Program and presentation topics are still under development, it may vary from time to time and is subject to change