Pre-Conference Workshop: Day 0

Tuesday 8th May 2018 ∙The summit commences with an industry workshop designed to elicit collective thinking towards the conference ahead. It provides industry leaders a forum to understand broader issues affecting Security and Emergency Management while allowing them an opportunity to express their own.


Pre-conference Workshop, Tuesday, 8th May 2018

Theme for the Day: Setting the scene for National Security

Morning session:

Breaking down the barriers to achieve operational cohesion in complex human terrain, addressing the following:

-        Understanding the threat, (Foreign Intelligence services, Issue motivated groups, Terrorist, Criminal)

-        Creating common outcomes (a team focus)

-        Sharing information /Tactics, techniques and procedures / Plans

-        Contingency plans (infrastructure and public)

-        Challenges in achieving your outcomes.

 Afternoon session:


Dr Kacper Gradon will focus on the practical challenges of combating violent radicalisation, extremism and lone actor terrorism, where the modern Information Technologies play the ever-increasing role. The specific focus will be put on the use of both the “regular” Internet (a.k.a. the “Clear Net”) and the Dark Web by the terrorist groups, lone extremists and the organized criminal enterprises for the purpose of propaganda dissemination, know-how and intelligence gathering, target selection, attack preparation, financing of operations (including the use of the crypto-currencies). The workshop presenter will draw from the outcomes of his research (EU FP7 PRIME Project and Fulbright research at the University of Colorado, Boulder) as well as his FBI/NCFTA (National Cyber-Forensics Training Alliance) training in Conducting Cyber Research and Analysis in the Dark Web.

Please note: Program and presentation topics are still under development, it may vary from time to time and is subject to change