Program Highlights


Pre-conference Workshop, Tuesday, 8th May 2018

Setting the scene for National Security (workshop forum)

Morning session: Creating effective interagency operations to defeat terrorist rhetoric:

  • Linking issues to violent radicalisation, extremism and lone actor terrorism
  • Understanding terrorist modus operandi, delving into the Dark Web
  • Countering violent extremism in the public sector
  • Countering violent extremism in the private sector

Afternoon session: Breaking down the barriers to achieve operational cohesion in complex human terrain:

  • Understanding the threat (foreign intelligence services, issue motivated groups, terrorist, criminal)
  • Creating common outcomes (team focus)
  • Sharing information, tactics, techniques and procedures
  • Contingency plans (infrastructure and public)
  • Challenges in achieving outcomes

Day 1, Wednesday, May 9th 2018

Morning session:

 Understanding the modern security environment

  • An Australian perspective on where we sit in International Security
  • Understanding the current threat, a true national intelligence perspective
  • How legislation is supporting our ability to posture for and respond to the contemporary threat
  • A National perspective in creating legislation, policy and structures to support the future imperatives for a secure Australia
  • Complexities of reducing threats to infrastructure in complex human terrain

Afternoon session:

Friction points to achieving National Security

  • Lessons from abroad, contextualising them to Australia
  • US Department of Homeland Security, Coordinating a response to Domestic National Security
  • Lone Actor Extremist Events (LAEE), final report of the EU-PRIME project, designing social & physical counter-measures for the prevention of lone-actor radicalisation
  • The realism of Countering Violent Extremism, keeping up with and combating the terrorist message

Day 1 Evening: Dinner Keynote Address - Building structures for safeguarding Australia’s future, an insight into Home Affairs

Day 2, Thursday, May 10th, 2018

Morning session:

The security focus for the future

  • Corporate security on a large scale with focus on information security, infrastructure security, contractual, legislative governance and compliance
  • Understanding the manifestation of violent malicious acts and extreme violence
  • Conducting Cyber-Research & Analysis in the Dark Web, lessons learned from FBI & US National Cyber-Forsensics Training Alliance (NCFTA) 
  • Is legislation supporting our ability to posture for and respond to contemporary threats?

Afternoon session:

Achieving a collective approach to contemporary security

  • Aviation security in a volatile world, meeting the expectations of individuals, industry, government
  • The barriers to information security, what it takes to access information through the vetting process
  • What the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) means  to the US DoD and the imperatives of compliance for US partners, the implications on Australia within legislation and National Security
  • CAPSTONE ADDRESS: Meeting the challenges of the future: a strategic insight to safeguarding Australia

Please note: Program and presentation topics are still under development, it may vary from time to time and is subject to change without prior notice