Summit Workshop: Day 2

Thursday, 9 May 2019 (1400 - 1700) QT CANBERRA

The plenary will be followed by two highly focussed immersive workshops offered as an elective on the afternoon of Day 2 following the conclusion of the main conference at lunch. This is a programmed activity where all participants are actively engaged in analysing the issues and contributing to a best practice model for addressing it. It will require some background and pre-reading for participants to get the best from the immersive program. The workshops are:

  • Workshop 1 Cybersecurity – Defeating the foreign and domestic adversaries

This in depth workshop will examine the nature of the threats, targets and operations of foreign adversaries.  It will be limited to citizens of Australian allied countries which have security agreements with Australia. The workshop will develop models for detecting, preventing and responding to cyber-attacks and look in detail at the NIST Cyber Security Framework, ISM Essential 8 and UK Cyber Essentials. It will be facilitated by leading government, academic and private sector cyber security specialists.

Output — Building a robust cyber security plan


  • Workshop 2 — Insider Threat – People and the culture of security

The in-depth workshop will consider the best models for an insider threat program and work through what may be the best approach for your agency and business. It will also examine the current Australian Standard 4811 Employment Screening which is to be reviewed for reissue to address “whole of work life assessment”.  The Australian Standards Technical Committee for Security and Resilience will be leading this work and members will be in attendance.  An outcome of the workshop will be a model plan transferable to your work place.

Output — Insider threat program for organisations